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I have an axis in .308. It is accurate and ok for the price, it was cheap at least. The bolt is pretty smooth and doesn't flop around much, and that's about where my likes end. The stock is too light and flimsy for a .308, it absorbs almost zero recoil so it all goes into your shoulder. They are all long action, so even if you shoot a .223 it is the same bolt throw as a 30-06. The trigger is harder than a mil-spec AR-15 with no adjustment and no compatibility with accutrigger parts. The bolt lift is so high I have a 40mm scope with tall rings..

All in all, it would make a great beater rifle in .223, 22-250, or maybe .243, and in my opinion that's about it. I'm getting rid of mine and I don't usually get rid of guns even if I don't like them.

For the money I'd look for a Savage 110 or 111, at least they have changeable stocks and can be upgraded to accutriggers.
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