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I got a winchester semi auto in 22 short, it has killed more hogs, cows etc than any other gun I have. Had 5 racoons get into the barn, the ywas up in the rafers hissing at me so I whip out the 22 and went to town on em. 5 shots 5 dead coons. All fall to my 22 aim is important, more so than a larger caliber. Thats what makes it so sweet.

See you go to a pond, throw in a bag of bobbers, the kind you fish with, use the 22 short to blast them. Gotta be right on or the bobber just jumps out of the water un hurt. To kill it has to be dead on. Do that then we can go get varmints.

Shot a feral cat in his ear he was like 150 yards out. DRT
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