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There's nothing magic about hog skulls, nor are they especially thick
When I worked at the Pig Pallace in Omaha Nebr stockyards I saw thousands of hogs, not little piggies but hogs full size boars were 4 1/2 foot at the shoulder, had tusks were 5 in long. Had em try to get after me many times. Used to buy one every week and cook it up for peoples parties on the weekends but thats another tale.

a 22 is all I ever used to kill them, anything larger will go thru and hit the floor and possibly me.

Pig pallace is long gone now but some of us still remember the days.

and dont even try the wild hog is stouter than the barn yard hog cause it just isnt true at all. a 500 lb hog can and will do ya harm in the yard or out in the wild. Just gotta be carefull.

That bull I used 2 summers ago, now that was a fiesty one fo ya, he was 2500 lbs of mean and nasty had to load him up and bring him to my gals. City boys quake in their shoes at the site of him
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