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.357 and .44 clarification

I’ve been shooting since I was young but have yet to buy my own firearm. I’ve narrowed it down to either the .357 carbine and revolver or .44 carbine and revolver (I’ve done some spying on a lot of sites and this is a common problem for many people). I don’t want to compare the two, they each are great rounds with pros and cons. This carbine and revolver combo would be used for everything, hunting, personal defense, home defense, and of course 95% of the time, plinking/target shooting/fun. I plan on putting a lot of time into practice and training. These are my questions:

1. Could a .357 16” bbl carbine (assume you’re using the best .357 hunting round) take an elk or moose at 50 meters with a classic boiler room shot? At 100 meters? At 150 meters? Not should, could, (I know I should not but if I had no other option, could I do it with one shot).

2. Could a .44 16” bbl carbine (again best hunting round available) take an elk or moose at 50 meters with a classic boiler room shot? At 100 meters? At 150 meters?

3. Can a .44 be down-loaded to resemble a standard .38 round in recoil and use (so even less power than a .44 special)?

4. Is the price difference between hand-loading .44 and .357 significantly different? (I know that off the shelf .357/.38 is a cheaper combo.)

5. Which caliber has a longer effective killing range in a carbine (on let’s say, deer sized animals)? .357 is flatter shooting but is this significant compared to each rounds effectiveness past 100 meters? In other words, a .357 has a higher velocity so it should have a longer range, but is it lethal, or will it simply produce an impressive surface wound?

6. In either caliber does barrel length make any significant difference past 16”? From some sources (Ballistics by the Inch for example) it actually seems that both .357 and .44 lose velocity around 16-17”.

Any insight would be appreciated, personal experience, ballistic data, a brief lesson in physics, etc. Thanks!

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