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Gotta love internet forum snipers. Can't kill a hog with a .45 ? Yeah right, whatever. The .45 is a useless round. Not enough penetration or expansion to kill a couple of thousand people (or tens of thousands) in two World Wars and more than a couple of international police actions, (ie; Korea, Vietnam, Central America, and the Middle East), and was just lucky when it came to hanging around for over a hundred years. I wouldn't even consider carrying one for hogs. Not at all. Seriously ? Where do these guys come from?
Probably from the same place that folks claim use on people over time makes it appropriate for use on hogs. The logic is equally problematic, especially considering the goals of hunting and warfare differ considerably.

I am not sure how it is that you are likening expansion of ball ammo used in 1911s during the various wars/police actions you mentioned given the aspect that ball ammo doesn't generally expand and when it does usually does not expand significantly short of hitting exceptionally hard and durable surfaces and usually not at all when simply hitting soft tissue.

BTW, I carry a 1911 whilst hunting.
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