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Yeah, social media is very dangerous for a person who believes strongly in protecting their privacy.

Also I would love some information on what can be done about a CPS visit. I had a lawyer tell me that the best thing to do is cooperate but that if I did have something to hide than to outright refuse to let them enter without a warrant.

Once again after very careful thought I decided to not answer the phone if it says Child protective services, not answer the door and play like no one is at home, or if I am asked to meet them or receive a visit to have my children secured in another location. To also play very stupid on the matter altogether as if I didn't know I was supposed to have my kids present.

What happens than of course is they will nab them at school.

Too many horror stories I have heard of people even being lied to about a harmless meeting to the CPS office with their kids only to find a police officer there to make sure everything goes in their favor and a CPS worker sending you home without your kids.

I can't understand how CPS can have the authority to just pop up at your front door and demand to enter your home without even making an appointment based on a complaint (sources are never given).

The constitution clearly says that a warrant is necessary.
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