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not really any flaming going on, my initial remark was about as vague as can be so naturally there are going to be skeptics, I merely responded with more detailed info. fairly standard around here.

I only own 2 ARs, both DPMS lowers with one being an accurized 5.56 carbine and the other a 9mm carbine with wood furniture... they both treat me well.

I have considered the 5.45 and anytime I think of getting another AR the 5.45 is always at the top of my list however it's just a crap shoot with what you end up with, as I said, my personal experience with cprod mags is pretty abysmal and I don;t know of anyone else with 5.45 AR mags and even though my model 1 9mm came out alright just about everyone else that orders from them seems to get burned.

whatever you do, don't get blackthorn, my older brother has a blackthorn 7.62x39 build and over the course of 200 rounds or so has pretty much had to replace half the gun from LPK to extractors.
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