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There have been a number of attacks by feral hogs on people over the years. While they are rare they do occur.

If we rule out insect attacks, which kill more people each year than any other type and snake bites which also kill more people in the U.S. each year than cougers, bears, mastodons, etc. If we focus just on the dreaded Mammal on Mammal Violence we find that attacks by hogs on humans are still rarer than attacks by dogs (domestic and feral) and are reportedly less common than attacks by bears which are pretty rare.

Hog encounters are rare but they have been increasing and it's hard to get a handle on the exact number because if someone isn't seriously injured it may not be reported. "Non-Fatal" and non serious injury attacks by bears and cougars usually are reported and make it into the local press. Being chased by a bear down a road will make the press, not so a chase by a hog. That's because in many areas people are so used to seeing wild pigs that while we are leery of them we don't think of them as "deadly" or uncommon.

An article written in 1998 by Robert Burns for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service talks of two attacks in Texas.

“In one instance, a boar attacked a woman on a Fort Worth jogging trail. Two years ago, a Cherokee County deer hunter died from a feral hog attack.”
Other incidents have been more dramatic;

The Benton County Daily Record chronicled a wild boar that, “attacked and flipped a utility vehicle on a job site in Waco… and severely injured a Gentry man.”

The story details that, “Greg Lemke, who designs chicken houses for Latco Inc. of Lincoln, was a passenger in a utility vehicle when the wild boar struck the rear of the vehicle, causing it to flip with Lemke inside.”

“The accident left Lemke paralyzed from the breast bone down.”walked away from the accident, Garcia said.

According to the story, the accident happened shortly after Lemke and his co-workers who were all riding in the utility vehicle heard a pack of wild boars.

"When they heard them, they wanted to go look at them. One of the hogs started chasing them,” Garcia said
Like bears have done in some parts of California, hogs have waliked into a persons house;

The Pineville Town Talk tells the story of a Pineville, La man who had a pig enter the house he was visiting.

“Boston Kyles, 20, of 497 Pelican Drive told deputies he was visiting his sister's house at the time of the incident. He said he had gone there to clean fish and was sitting in the house's front room when the pig entered through the front door. Kyles told deputies he stomped the floor to try to shoo the pig out of the room, but the pig charged him, Maj. Herman Walters said.”

“Walters had heard of pigs attacking people in the woods but said this was the first time he had heard of a pig going into a house and attacking someone.
The article I lifted these incidents from is here...

So rare but scary.

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