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Originally Posted by JimDandy
Actually I don't know that it's generally correlated with a decrease in crime. I DO know that its not correlated with an increase in crime, so there's no reason to ban it.
from Carlisle E. Moody, John R. Lott Jr., Thomas B. Marvell & Paul R. Zimmerman, Trust But Verify: Lessons for the Empirical Evaluation of Law and Policy 3 (Coll. of William & Mary, Working Paper, 2012):

"There have been a total of 29 peer reviewed studies by economists
and criminologists, 18 supporting the hypothesis that
shall-issue laws reduce crime, 10 not finding any significant
effect on crime, including the NRC report, and [Aneja, Donohue,
and Zhang]’s paper, using a different model and different
data, finding that right-to-carry laws temporarily increase
one type of violent crime, aggravated assaults."
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