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I have a single stack WASR that I opened the mag well up on and replaced the wood with plastic. I removed the barrel nut and installed a slant break.

All in all it was a fun project, but I opened the magwell a bit too much for some of the thinner military surplus steel mags. They wobble side to side and ocasionally I get a FTF. The problem never happens if I use the TAPCO polymer mags. They are a bit thicker in the body and don't have any side to side movement when inserted in the gun.

Your WASR looks pretty cool. What stock/forearm/pistol grip are those? I used the Tapco stuff, and it isn't as substantial as your furniture.

All in all, though, for a $300 gun, I had a ball with converting the single stack to accept double stack mags!

I'm sure you had as much fun as I did! Great looking rifle.
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