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As a youngster we lived in town, and some of the best squirrel hunting woods were owned by an old farmer about a 20 minute bike ride from town.

That old fart loved to call the law on anyone poaching his squirrels. My neer-do-well Uncle schooled us boys in the virtues of the .22 short for those sniper missions. He just expected few to be taken to his Mom (my Grandmother) for proper frying. I will never forget the look of joy and pride on my Grandmas face the first time I brought in a half dozen bushy tails for her.

Seems no one hunts squirrels these days. No big time TV shows selling equipment on the Sportmens channel for them. No interest by the health concious to eat them floured and fried.

I own a woods similar to the old hunting grounds and it full of squirrels. I kill a few each season with .22 short. Sadly, the wife makes me fry them outside on the grill side burner so as not to "smell up" the house.
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