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If the primary use is to be a car gun, then the Mak. If it gets stolen, you're out less dollars.

But, you won't be competing with the Mak, and while it's small enough to carry concealed, it'll still be best to have a proper holster. Given that, the advantages over a CZ-75 are minor, and the 9mm Makarov round (9x18) is less potent than the 9MM (9x19). And you have quite a few less rounds in the magazine.

A gun carried in the car can present problems if your state has concealed carry restrictions. Having a secure place for it in the car is also important -- like a lockable place to keep it when you're not carrying it.

If I were the OP, I'd rethink the "keeping it in the car" part -- it sounds easy but can be the source of a lot of problems, including theft, police concerns, etc.
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