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.32 H&R RR

I bought a RR in .32 H&R and I haven't fired it yet, but I have noticed a problem with loading and unloading it. As you rotate the cylinder with the loading gate open, it clicks into cylinder lock just barely past the last point where you can feed a round in or push a case out. A slight overshoot as you try to feed the round through the loading channel and you can't back the cylinder up enough to get the round in. So you have to roll it around again until you have it just balanced on the edge of lockup. I plan to solve this by filing a little bit of meat out of the loading channel so that a round will go in while the cylinder is prevented from backing up. It shouldn't take much. The excess meat is on the back and lower side of the channel and the area that would need reduction should be hidden by the loading gate. I'll do this after I have a few rounds through the gun to make sure it doesn't have any other problems.
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