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Thanks Hammer It. I'm planning to use Lee dies and I have their full set of scoops. They just don't make one for the shorter 32 S&W. I have two that are suitable for the 32 S&W Long (.3cc) so I guess I could partially fill one with epoxy. I guess I could also pour from a .5cc into a .3cc and then use the .2cc that doesn't fit as my charge.

I think the people who say there isn't a niche for the .327 are missing something. The .22 Mag is a rimfire and the reliability of rimfires for personal defense is an issue. I wouldn't want to be the guy who tells all the women who won't shoot a .38 Special that they have to use a round that is considered to be not suitable. So a centerfire round that's smaller than .38 Special is needed for the recoil sensitive shooter and to get 6 shots in a concealable revolver. Of course, we had that with the .32 S&Ws and .32 H&R Mag, but the energy for a good personal defense round isn't there. Now it is. Training/practicing with a weak round and then loading a magnum for personal defense is common and considered sensible with the .38/.357 and it now is for the .32/.327

I also love the idea of the .327 in a short barreled rifle. I've wondered if anybody has modified an M1 Carbine to it (just for the fun of it ).
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