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Hello Cesure
If I were you, I would contact Lee dies and ask them for a Powder scoop for the .32 S&W Long Cartridge. I Bought their full set of carbide dies and it came with a Powder scoop. They are great with their cutomer's I once broke a primer remover stem, Told them it was my Fault and they sent me Two Free. I use Mainly Lee dies they are very economical and work Great. With Their straight through neck expander die I set my Powder dispenser right onto it so that it expand's the neck of the cartridge and I then dump my Powder charge in with my Powder dispenser. I feel the Federal .327 Magnum will be around for a very long time as now many other's are buying gun's chambered in it now than when it first Came out. It is a super fast flat shooting round... Hammer It
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