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I didnt see the show but if they get it so it will hold together and stay together I would be selling off body parts allso . I must admit I have a weakness for large cal Lever rifles and it is more than just like of the look of a bore that a small hand can go down the musell and clean . A 45/70 with a good bullet is fast hanbling and hard hitting bear medicine . As for a need for one over my 45/70 well need does not enter into all things in life . I know the bear hunters that come to Alberta that I guide love to see the big 45/70s as back up to there 06 or 338win and over the years I have had a few put away their new rifle and borrow the 1886 that has past down to me and now my son I may be a sentimental old fool (well at 52 not that old ) but I love the 1886 and will pass a Marlin by and pay 2 x the price for one . I hope they get it up and gunning there is a lot of respect for their work in the north
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