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dog hunting

untill iv got the 110ba up and running the longest shot I take on coyote dog is usly a dan dog hail marry at 450 plus with one of my everyday rifles or even my 25-06 on the farm and at that range it is a hail marry for me most of my gear is for Elk mouse deer or bear so one in a while i will connect that being said if they are within 450 it is a sure thing that i will be caseing a yottee if i get on them before they start to run the zigzag patern . there is a caggy old dog that will come by the farm house and he does it at a slow walk but he is out arround 600 all the time and will not respond to call and myson talks yottee darn good . I have a orriginall 45/120 sharps with elivator sight that is a hand down to my son and he did manage to hit a yottee sitting on top of abail at a ranged 745yds off a set of sticks but i swear that one was asleep becouse if he was looking he would have seen that ol chunk of lead and powder cloud and moved out of the way lol lol yes I will use the 338lapua as my cussed yottee dog rifle . The farm is a full 3 sections backed onto a green zone with no neibour for 5 miles so once I get this massivw thing sorted out im confident without to much work that i will be rolling them over at some disstance . I got one yesterday with the 45/70 Chiapppa Kodiak but he was big and close ,about 40pounds and 75yards ,and the made in the U.S.A Skinner Sights are the nicest sight I have used in a long time . So if anyone is comeing through my part of Alberta and wants to hunt Dogs drop me a line I have lots of rifles to pick frome and the loading bench is stocked and the brush is full of the buggers
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