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I haven't seen a whole lot about this. Why this over a .17HMR? Just quicker?
Yes quicker, which means flatter trajectory, but it also does it with a heavier bullet, which will probably have a higher BC than the normal 17hmrs 17gr bullet, and that with being quicker will make it a lot better in the wind.

And its meant to be cheaper than 17hmr too.
So really for a new rifle it seems to be a much better option all round.
Unless the rifle it comes in is a dog, then it might not catch on.

Trouble is if the ammo doesn't stay cheap, and the round is louder and gun heavier that a 17hmr then it's getting into centerfire territory, and if the ammo isn't cheaper than people can reload 223 or 22-250 for then it wont catch on.
I imagine.
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