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Are many exp. shooters tempted to buy cheap milsurp ammo, then the rifle?

Having sold my MNs over two years ago, the price of 7.62x54R in the US is still attractive, compared to other types.
"Ammoman" had several types of milsurp ammo a few hours ago. I did Not say cheap, but the x54R isn't too bad For These Times.

Most milsurp rifles will continue to be affordable, at least for a while. The price of reloadable .303 and lack of milsurp in the last three years has kept Enfields affordable.

Whether Swiss GP-11 ammo will still be allowed to be exported into the US a year from now, saved from the sheer madness of the destruction of rifle & ammo caused by UN or Brit/Euro "arms control" efforts, does anybody have any info?

Cheap x54R ammo right now could result in a possible status of being Very cheap in two-three more years, compared to the other types in the US.

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