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The percussion cap was invented in 1842...
Might wanna recheck your history. Think late 1810's to early 1820's.

...the time could have been spent mastering a more advanced handgun type...
Life is too short to spend it shooting firearms I do not care for. I spent 15yrs shooting Glocks and have no intention of ever going back there.

there are many people who successfully hunt with Glocks chambered in 10mm and wildcat's such as the 460 Rowland.
So? To flip your argument around, if a single action is not ideal for self defense then the Glock is also not ideal for woods work. Sure, some people use them. You may even say that a true believer that uses SA's for self defense is no different from a true believer who uses Glocks for hunting. Fact remains, the Glock's trigger, sights, accuracy and chamberings are inferior to a good revolver. What it boils down to is preference because......
I own 4
I own three dozen. Only two DA's (of nine) and two semi-autos (of ten) suitable for concealed carry. Hence the slightly different opinion on this matter.

So can you make faster hits with your 1911 or your hogleg?
For deliberate, aimed fire, there is little to no difference.

We need to just agree to disagree because you'll never convince me that tens of thousands of rounds a year does not make up for a perceived technological advantage.
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