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I know the Butler derringer. Bulter made some for Colt in the early 1960's and I have a few of them. Never shot one. Don't want to. I have one encased in lucite as a desk decoration.

The 22 Short has its place. Longs have pretty much dissappeared from the scene. CCI and Remington still make shorts. In fact CCI has come out with some lower powered 22 cartridges for use where primarily noise is an issue. Not everyone has a silencer for their 22.

There are still guns around that were chambered specifically in 22 short beyond the Butler/Colt derringer.

My question: What on Earth is this gun good for? I suppose under the logic that anything is better than nothing, I still must wonder, really?? What is it good for? Overly aggressive mouse? Cockroach on steroids?
I don't think the gun has a lot of practicial use. But you don't need to insult it.
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