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I was prepared for the shortage following the election, had some ammo and components set aside specifically to weather that storm. I was not however prepared for the enormity of the current shortage following the Newtown shooting and ensuing gun grabbing attempts. I have never seen anything like this. Even bullet supplies have been wiped out at the online retailers. I've been buying what I can but will not pay over inflated prices. I have about 1100 .22lr rounds on hand which I figured would get me through the shortage but now I find myself wondering if it'll last until ammo is available. I can still load for my centerfire rifles but my handguns are another matter altogether. I had planned to start casting my own bullets but it seems even the bullet molds I wanted are sold out so that will have to wait a bit. I'm all set for casting otherwise, homemade hotplates are built, pot, ladle, and slotted spoon have been acquired so now all I need is the mold and sizer which are both sold out.

For those caught without ammo I will recommend not paying the gougers what they are asking. Keep shopping until you find what you are looking for at a reasonable price. Invest in some snap caps or make your own and do some dry fire practice to keep your skills up. BB guns will also help keep your sight alignment skills sharp until ammo becomes available again. I know it's not quite the same without the loud report or the recoil but it will help keep you sharp until you are able to shoot all you want again.

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