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629 Multi-Sight Solution

Might not look the best, but it works.

Wanted to shoot my 629 in both optic and irons classes in the silhouette matches.

I could only find a Warne rail mount for the 629 that allowed use of the factory irons.

Guess what? The sight plane is only 5" long.

Emailed Warne and asked why they'd designed such a short sight plane. They answered, "It was designed to be a backup in case there was a problem with the optic."

My gunsmith said, "No problem. I'll machine a taller front sight, and it will work just fine..

Picked it up today, went straight to the range, and it worked just fine at 50 yds. Both irons and optic with a Leupold QR rings!

Front sight height needs to be .540 to work with the Warne rail.

No permanent mod's.

Hope this helps someone.

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