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Wow I missed that you said it had the case and tools. That case with the tools is worth approx $150 to the right guy, and they bring over $100 all the time on ebay. You did great, congrats on a fine revolver.

Your gun has TG, TH, TT and the ramp front sight. What is the SN? I bet it was 1975 or later, but if not, that was all optional.

You did very well at $700 - I'd say its worth $1000 as is due to the condition, having the case, and the barrel length.

In case you didn't know, 27-2s are sought after for many reasons, but one of them is they were the last series with the pinned barrel and the recessed aka counter-sunk cylinders. There is a barrel pin right behind the barrel in the frame which was discountinued around 1980, and a little after that, the recessed cylinder was as well. If you drop a round into the cylinder, it will sit flush with the rear of the cylinder = recessed cylinder. Later cylinders, and with most Colts, the round sat on the face of the cylinder, so from the side, you could see the rim of the ctg. They originally counter sunk the cylinders IIRC because of primers backing out with magnum rounds which could bind the cylinder making the gun inoperable. Thats why all of the magnum revolvers had the feature up until the early 1980s. The rimfire revolvers did as well.
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