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This has developed into an interesting thread.

I like my 1911 and my SA/DA autos, I like my DA revolvers and crazy me will carry a SA revolver too. At least I'm not the only crazy. Heck, maybe you are the only sane person around Nanuk.
I agree and I think you should carry what you feel comforable with. However, Nanuk is basically saying that a SAA is a handicap when compared to most other handgun types. Of course we should assume that newfrontier45 is good with a SAA, but Nanuk's point is why would you handicap yourself? Of course perhaps he would win a gun fight with the SAA, but its not as good as a quality DA revolver or most semi autos when talking handgun vs handgun. Of course, as Newfrontier45 pointed out, more goes into a gunfight than just the gun itself.

In my opinion, the amount of time spent on mastering the SAA, and mastering its use as a CW, the time could have been spent mastering a more advanced handgun type, which overall, I think is Nanuk's point here.

In the end, Newfrontier45 may never need better than a SAA, and perhaps you won't either wyobohunter. As for me, I would rather have the most current platform available that I am skilled with, which IMO increases my odds of survival.

Imagine briefly that the perp is really good with his glock, equal in skill to someone with a SAA. At that point, the SAA guy needs a little luck IMO or perhaps a mistake by the glock guy. If the skills are equal, the handgun type comes much more into play. So do you expect to be a better gunman than your adversary? Since its my life on the line, I don't want to assume anything. I don't want to have any disadvantage at all, at least any avoidable one. I'd rather have a more advanced handgun and hope that my adversary has the less advanced version. Of course that doesn't guarantee anything, but I think it helps.

No one is wrong here either. Everyone has to do what they feel is best, and everyone is free to choose.
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