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Single Action as Primary Carry?

Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
To prepare for the guy who is scared off by your magic talisman is setting yourself up for failure.
Not only is that statement silly and inflammatory it is untrue. Talismans do not shoot high velocity projectiles. It doesn't matter how many moon clips (or whatever... You pick) you are carrying if your opponent puts one solid hit on you with a powerful man stopping chambering. You've admitted that the tool matters less than the person, can you admit that just maybe a guy with a SAA could prevail over another guy with a semi auto, or DA revolver? Or even several bad guys with newer technology?

I like my 1911 and my SA/DA autos, I like my DA revolvers and crazy me will carry a SA revolver too. At least I'm not the only crazy. Heck, maybe you are the only sane person around Nanuk.

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