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Moloch, I didn't say harder recoiling rifles are less accurate. In fact, I said that a light recoiling .308 Palma rifle's just as accurate as a heavy recoiling 30 caliber magnum benchrest rig. I even mentioned the accuracy levels both cartridges and rifles have.

I said those with more recoil are more difficult to shoot accurate off the shoulder. But it usually takes one classified at or near the top of long range high power rifle competition to tell the difference. Most folks will never notice it as they're not capable of shooting well enough to tell.

And chopping down a magnum's barrel will make it kick harder during barrel time, the rifle weighs less.

If the wind's never consistant, then nobody would ever shoot sub 1/2 MOA 20 to 40 shot groups at 600 yards or further. Right?
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