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I hunted coyotes in utah for many years. I would recommend you use the 06/scope combination with 130/150 gr. If you are going to sell the pelts don't use hollowpoints as if they pass clear through they will blow a big hole in the hide. A scoped 22cal with solids are a better choice for minimal hide damage. I used a 220 swift and my buddy used a 22-250 with excellent results at very long ranges but we would accationally run into the contract BLM trapper/hunter who swore by the 222 remington for minimul hide dammage. We took a few feathers tied to a sage brush about 30ft away from us and tied some 20lb fishing line to the brush and back to where we were hidden, when I gave a few screems from my dying rabbit call my buddy would give a few short pulls on the line. Stay quite and still as coyotes have great hearing and sight. I never gave any spot more then 1 hour before moving. If you want a great coyote hunting area take the I-80 west toward wendover, you will pass the grantsville/tooele exit and just keep going on the I-80 to exit 77 (rowley/dugway). Take the offramp make a quick right and then quick left. This will put you on the frontage road next to the 80. Keep going and you will see a range of hills off in the right. That is where you are headed. WARNING, this place is no joke and it in the middle of no where. (SCULL VALLEY was on your left as you left the 80) Take extra water with you. But it is the best coyote hunting.
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