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Noone should be shocked when it involves social services. I would think a good bit of legal advice is necessary for those who haven't had to deal with them. I have and it feels like having a barbed wire stuck up your rearend.

During my divorce I had a call on me claiming I had guns laying all over my house that my kids to get to. I have a 30 gun fireproof safe I keep my guns in. When the social worker came I could have been hateful but I let em in and showed them my safe.

Why did I do this? Because not too long before we had another fictictious accusation and when I would not allow the workers in they acted to themselves as if I was acting postal ( I wasn't) so they called for the cop and he showed up and told me I couldn't keep them out and yelled down my shirt collar in front of my kids (he apologized later).

Its basically their word against yours. They have a lot of authority and can make things look pretty bad for you if you don't watch your ps and qs. They can take your kids and you would have to get a lawyer to get them back.

Maybe the best thing to do when a social worker comes to your door is not answer it and go hide.

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