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.22 short...what is it good for??

Last month at a gun show (a husband-wife activity/outing), my wife found me in an another aisle to show me her newest purchase: a tiny BUTLER derringer, single shot chambered for .22 short. In nice shape, she also got a box of 100 CCI .22short HP with it, all for $120.

There was definitely the novelty aspect which made me laugh at first sight - I had never seen such a tiny little gun. The barrel swings sideways to remove spent casing and reload. After a little research, I've learned that the barrels are made of pot it safe?

My question: What on Earth is this gun good for? I suppose under the logic that anything is better than nothing, I still must wonder, really?? What is it good for? Overly aggressive mouse? Cockroach on steroids?

Thank you!
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