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Moloch, I don't agree with more velocity or heavier bullets leads to less wind drift which leads to better accuracy, at least for shoulder-fired rifles.

Accuracy is how close together the bullets fall on target in a group as fired by the shooter.

Wind drift is how far the center of that group is from the aiming point if not corrected for.

Rifle shooters will put a bullet closer to their point of aim with a rifle that's 20% more accurate than has 20% less wind drift. They read the wind and make corrections for that but they cannot make corrections for accuracy when they're getting ready to shoot.

More velocity or heavier bullets leads to increased recoil while the bullet goes down the barrel making the rifle jump more off its aiming point before the bullet exits.

This is why folks quit shooting 30 caliber magnums with 190 to 220 grain bullets in long range matches and are now using 26 caliber bullets with the same BC's in standard cartridges.

If one compares the accuracy attained with Palma rifles shooting 155's from .308 cases to what the 30 caliber magnum benchrest rifles get shooting 200's, they're the same. Both type keep their bullets inside 7 inches at 1000 yards properly tested; that's the accuracy level they have. And either one will once in a great while cluster 5 shots under 2 inches.
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