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Originally Posted by Come And Take It
I am interested in what has come of state nullification laws in the past.
There was this thing called the Civil War, and that kinda settled it for big issues.
For smaller issues, there has been the civil rights movement (as mentioned above) and some abortion-related issues, which are ongoing.

Firearms-related stuff is a very new field, since it's only been 2+ years since the Second Amendment even applied to the various States. That's still got afterbirth on it in legal terms. It wasn't until recently that there were enough hand-wringing holplophobes in America to overcome this nation's origins as a gun-friendly republic.

What exactly would we be looking at if Federal agents were denied to operate in a county with a sheriff who will not comply? Would the issue go before a court or would they simply push the sheriff aside to go in?
No one has a crystal ball. The full bell curve of possibilities are in play.

Originally Posted by David White
How can the emotions of many be deemed valid enough to pass legislation?
Democracy only comes into play during elections, not when passing laws.
Not true. Politicians care about only one thing: getting re-elected. If they feel passing law X will aid that end, then that law gets passed.

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