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Originally Posted by Come and take it.
...What exactly would we be looking at if Federal agents were denied to operate in a county with a sheriff who will not comply? Would the issue go before a court or would they simply push the sheriff aside to go in?
It would probably depend on what was happening and how it was happening. If a state or county office tried to physically, by force block a federal officer's execution of his duties, and time was a factor, we might see federal officers forcing the issue. If time were not a factor, the federal authorities might take the matter to federal court first.

Remember --
  • in 1960 when U. S. Marshals escorted a black girl to school in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • in 1963 when George Wallace attempted to block the desegregation of the University of Alabama. He was confronted by federal marshals, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, and the Alabama Army National Guard and forced to step aside.

  • in 1963 when Wallace again attempted to stop four black students from enrolling in segregated elementary schools in Huntsville. Then the intervention of a federal court in Birmingham got the four students enrolled.
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