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44AMP, your comments:
Another thing is that the SAAMI specs are for commercial .30-06 ammo, not the GI ball. Yes, similar bullets at similar speeds will have similar pressures, but the SAAMI commercial ammo loaded to 2900+fps is NOT the same as the GI ball loaded to 2750fps. 50k pressure for GI ammo, 60K for faster commercial stuff sounds right to me.
...are not valid. Peak pressure in CUP system methods is 50,000 for MIL SPEC .30-06 ammo as well as SAAMI spec'd commercial ammo. In the other system for measuring pressre, PSI, the numbers for only commercial ammo's spec'd; 60,000 PSI. There is no MIL SPEC for .30-06 military ammo that I know of.

Military small arms ammo's chronographed at 26 yards from the muzzle. Commercial SAAMI spec'd systems chronograph screens are set 5 yards downrange. There'll be a difference with the same barrel/ammo combination at those ranges to the screens used. And the military M2 ball ammo with 150 grain bullet was spec'd at 2850 fps, not 2750 fps, at 78 feet. Only about 50 fps faster than the 7.62 NATO bullet's velocity spec.

I think I've cautioned you before about getting these two systems mixed up and perpetuation of problems that causes.
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