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I am interested in what has come of state nullification laws in the past.

Andrew Jackson was ready to go to war over it but was there ever a real solution?

South Carolina got tariffs lowered over time in an agreement to repeal its law. Notice this meant that their law was never ruled unconstitutional as it was never challenged in a court.

As I said both tariffs and marijuana are not specifically in the 10 bill of rights. Not even slavery. As the declaration of independence clearly said that all men are created equal.

Weapons are a protected right. I would like to see if there has ever been a precedant for this where a state had less restriction than the federal government over one of the bill of rights.

What exactly would we be looking at if Federal agents were denied to operate in a county with a sheriff who will not comply? Would the issue go before a court or would they simply push the sheriff aside to go in?
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