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no problem... the "roper grip" I assume is 3rd from the bottom on the left ??? that gun is a Hopkins & Allen Safety Police in 38 S&W... & yes, the bottom is some kinda Webly styled bull Dog... I still could do a little more research on that one... the bore is like 455 or similar ( been a while since I played with that one, if I remember correctly, it has Belgian proof marks )

so bear with me, I've been hanging them on the walls, & there are a lot of them...

left side...

Hopkins & Allen Safety Police in 38 S&W
S&W Lemon Squeezer in 38 S&W
Hopkins & Allen Safety Police in 38 S&W
Hopkins & Allen Safety Police in 38 S&W
Hopkins & Allen solid frame with folding hammer & loading gate in 38 S&W
Webly look a like

Right Side...

U.S. Revolver in 38 S&W
Secret Service Special engraved in 38 S&W ( rough )
Hopkins & Allen blued with MOP grips ( black powder vintage ) in 38 S&W
Harrington & Richardson manual eject in 38 S&W
don't remember the maker, but 44 American Bull Dog in 44 Bulldog

these are not in 38 S&W... most are 22's & 32's...

bottom right in this pic has a few collectors as well... one of my prizes is the functional Sharpes & Hankins pepper box...

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