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Only if you count the first designs.
Do you know how much difference there is between the early S&W hand ejectors and the current crop? Not very much at all. Your 629 is nearly identical internally to the Triple Lock. Functionally, they are no different.

By your logic Metallic cartridges are just a little newer than cap and ball, so why not carry a 36 Navy?
They are only a little newer than the percussion cap, if 50yrs is "a little". Metallic cartridges are a huge improvement and modern cartridges are far more reliable than cap `n ball.

you are wrong there, There are new innovations every day, Glocks are 25 years old.
Modern appearances and materials mean very little. Functionally, there is little difference.

You are mistaken there, The same reason-Last ditch self defense. It is only some of the situations may be different.
There is a huge difference. As we both said, LEO's head towards gunfire, we retreat from it. That's a very significant difference in intent and they require very different tools and mindsets.

I carried the same gun concealed that I carried in uniform.
I carry the same sixgun I would outdoors. While you can certainly use an outdoor pistol for self defense, Glocks are rather useless off the street.

For an eye opener, go shoot a local IDPA match with a single action revolver, there is a reason the old gunfighters carried 3 or 4 revolvers.
Big difference between a gunfight and a course of fire that REQUIRES higher capacity pistols and reloads. Rather, I would challenge you to go to a CAS match and beat those guys for the first five or six shots.

Bottom line, from the very beginning, carry what you are most proficient and comfortable with. Not everybody has the same preferences, purposes and skillsets. If you did as much single action shooting and as little double action or semi-auto shooting as I do, you'd probably look at it differently.
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