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Originally Posted by elDiabloLoco
So, at what point does an additional restriction become an unconstitutional infringement?
When the court says so.

Example #3:
"In order to buy a handgun from an FFL, you must be 21, a resident of the state in which the FFL does business, and a non-prohibited person, and have a permit from the county Sheriff."

Seems like all law abiding citizens have clearly had their 2A rights infringed in this example, since only the Sheriff's Select or criminals can exercise their rights. It is no longer a right, but a licensed privilege. {Real world NC}
This is currently under challenge by SAF. See the Kachalsky thread.

200+ years of Emanating Penumbras have generated much general disgust with the machinations of leviathan and its apparatchiks in over complicating otherwise plain language.
I think most people agree with you, at least intellectually. The problem is that laws are passed emotionally. Politicians with agendas use tragedies as leverage to get an emotional public to vote to restrict their own freedoms. There is no one to blame except human nature.

In this recent Sandy Hook tragedy, many gun lovers were suckered in by the emotion of the event. I knew people who were initially thinking magazine capacity limits seemed like a reasonable thing. Those same people, with the sober perspective of time and discussion, now realize what a huge mistake magazine capacity restrictions actually are.
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