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Why single shot pistols?

Post on the Revolver Section of this forum tells of finding/seeing a Colt Camp Perry Model single shot. Over the years the single shot has surfaced and submerged again. Sort of why this model continues to find interest is my reason for this post.

The single shot pistol has a perceived advantage over the revolver as there is no barrel/cylinder gap, hence no loss of velocity. And over the autoloader (and revovler) as there are no parts required to feed, eject, nor rotate a cylinder. The single shot is sheer simplicity. Theoretically, since there is only one chamber, it should have better accuracy than a revovler, and since the barrel does not move, offers better accuracy than the auto. This is theoretical only, I hasten to add.

Single shots can be made very inexpensively and this is an attraction for the plinker, trapper and informal target shooter. And for the long range varminteer, single shots can be made chambered for cartridges unthinkable for revovler or auto.

And nothing looks as "old timey" as a replica Remington Rolling Block with walnut stocks and case hardened frame.

I'd better quit writing for now. Another "want" is something I sure don't need.

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