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P708 Redux

I think I'm going to like this one. Remington 700 SPS Varmint with the barrel cut and recrowned at 20". Bell and Carlson Light Medalist with Capt Tom's Crayon treatment. Bottom metal is a Wyatt DBM drop in, required no inletting like the Badger System did. Timney Trigger set at 2lbs, Badger Ordinance Bolt Knob, DNZ Gamereaper Mount with a Weaver Tactical 3X15X50 EMDR optic. Tactical Works Stock Pack and Claw Contour Sling.

Took it out and zero'd it in at 100yds yesterday. I kept trying to zero based on the 1/4" I was use to but the scope is in Mils so it took me longer than normal because I always overadjusted. When I got it there, there was 1 hole of 5 shots, then I moved the windage a click and another group of 5 in one ragged hole.

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