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Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like as long as the polish is dry, I shouldn't have a problem.

@Gary: hopefully I don't have to test it under those conditions considering how hard it is to find ammo right now! lol

@LG: Hell Yea! That was the idea when I chose that green. Glad you picked up on that.

@Sport: Didn't even think about black. Wonder how that would look on the blued gun... Gonna say green and pink is prob not for the traditionalist lol

@gruesome: Welcome. I'm new here too. Had a feeling I was gonna get mixed reviews on the pink, but thought it was a good vibrant color along with the green to differentiate my mags from one another.

Also, FYI, I gave it a wipe down with Hoppes #9 to clean off the nail polish remover and it didn't seem to effect the paint job at all.
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