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the judge line has never been advertised for long range target or hunting practice. sure the long barrelled models do have some advertising pretence to cowboy funtime...

but even if we look at the draw backs of the .410 it replaces the multi ball loads that lots of people miss. ive seen some good reloading data in a handloader magazine last few years on how to recreate the remington multi ball loads in 44,45,38 calibers.

sure, a proper .410 barrel would make it much better for shot.

but on speed and useful ness... well alot of gangbangers with their glocks have been dropped by elderly women with a 70 year old da/sa revolver loaded with 32 long...38sw...38 special....

ive read 78 shots were fired at the ok corral shootout, at a distance of 30 feet. with only flesh wounds.
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