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picked them up

the store a major chain was jerking my chain WSS but I pushed up to the top by takeing a differnt path I went through the head of U.F.A who owne WSS as a result there are magor shake ups going on in the Grande Prairie Alberta store . WSS flew 2 Savage 110BA into G.P and gave me the chance to purchase them both wich I did . On the advise fome this forum I went to Edmonton and bought 2 Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50 scopes I just got back a hour ago the only rings I could find are Vortex tactical so if you know were I can find a better ring in Canada please let me know I have seen pix of rings with 6 screws instead of 4 and I think it would increas the clamping power greatly . Dan Newberry has been a great help with advice and incuragment I do have a single shot Barrett sitting at Bartons with my name on it and it will be homebound this week but im thinking it will sit and look mean more than anything I like what I have seen of theas 110BA and my son will show me how to put pix on this dang thing . I look forward to learning a whole new shooting sport and i could use all the coaching I can get any Canadians out there let me know were you shoot and we might be able to get together . I must say that the mess with WSS came down to one guy and he is no longer there and once John Pardo learned of my isues with getting the rifle for my son things moved very fast and were resolved . They even tossed in a Pelican hard case worth close to $300 Oh I posted a Burris 3-9x40 fullfeid ll on a trade line on this forum and it is going to jevyod for free as sone as he gets his shiping in order
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