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True, not great deals, but in the last week I've found almost no ammo of these types on about five websites.
That's why I listed these for others' benefit-if they find the prices acceptable. If so, that will just keep prices for most of them sky high.

Many guys must find the designation "NATO ammo" irresistable, seeing the prices of battle packs the last few years.

Both the x54R and 5.45x39 at JGsales seem to have sold out yesterday.
Maybe the choices just being there on Ammoman is a sign that more is being imported, distributed, or scalpers are afraid to get burned later if buying Now at these prices (?) for a very risky turnover-but can they re$ell it for more?

Luckily many of us were prepared for both pres. elections. by buying ammo and some reloading powder etc.

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