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Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 comes in that range too.

I took a long time to decided between it and the 6.5-20 viper, but I didn't want to have to get massive rings and the zoom range was better on the Nikon.
Just wish it had tall exposed turrets, entirely because they look cool.

Can always get the 5-20 Nikon, which does have turrets but doesn't come in Mildot if that matters.

I'm sure meany people will say their Mueller or Millett scope is brilliant, but I decided against them mainly because of the weight, but also because they are cheap and decked out with features which generally means quality is lost.
And Nikon has a great reputation and a good warranty.

If you are mainly using as a target gun the finest reticle possible is your best bet. I can't be bothered search anything so have nothing to recommend.

But has a big range and great prices so I'd check on there, even if you don't buy from there they have a huge range to see whats available.
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