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Ammoman now has this rifle ammo.

Later tonight, or tomorrow is anybody's guess. Ten minutes ago:
Sorry, but I don't know how to link, post photos etc.

Danish 5.56 'Nato'.
Swiss 7.5.
Prvi .308.
Russian 5.45x39.
Russian 7.62x54R: 880 rd. cases.

I only checked a few others, which are still out. This is a positive trend, excluding the prices.
Patience will allow you ladies and gentlemen to find it cheaper, and more available.
So far, the scalpers are part of the problem, as in '08-'09. Some of them will get burned. Stay tuned.

Any bill which Might make it onto the floor of the Senate for a vote-if Reid allows it-will say nothing about ammo, unless I missed something.
Please correct me if otherwise.

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