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Colt Camp Perry "revolver" ?

Visited a Cabela's Gun Library today and saw a revolver that I was unfamiliar with.

Or did I? I mean, I did see it, it was there. But... is it a revolver? I am posting about it in the "Revolver" area of our fine forum, but I suppose it simply isn't a revolver.

This is the Colt Camp Perry

...and that "cylinder" is a single shot device that swings out like a cylinder but it doesn't rotate and you only get one shot.

Full disclosure, this picture belongs to another poster here on TFL. I found it in a quick search -- it's linked here, in this thread.

Who's got experience with one of these? A quick google revealed that they made around 2,500 of them between 1920 and 1941.

Interesting. Can you pull that trigger double action? Or was it meant for single action only?

Kind of cool. And here I thought the Ruger Hawkeye pistol was a design all unto itself -- it seems it was inspired by the Colt Camp Perry.
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