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conversion on a 1851 brasser

Ok, me an the wife was gun shopping for her last friday at a local gunshop(), while we was there i noticed this 1851, with a conversion cylinder added to it. Now im by far i don't have that much knowledge of BP, but im learning a lil at a time. This leads me up to my maybe simple question(s), but i gotta know. This brass 51 navy colt , pittia, it being brass, could the brass take even low loads? i didn't ask the caliber of it, the price of it $399.00 scared me some. I know that with brass , you gotta keep your bp powder loads down, or you take the chance of the brass streching, etc.
Im not interested in but it, but was just wondering... Im asking cause i don't know how well the brasser would hold up to the stress.

Sorry for the spellin ya'll, thks,
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