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Smith & Wesson made a four-inch (or was it 3-inch?) K-frame in 9mm for a short time. They may have been built to fill an overseas contract. They are not widely available, but as revolvers go, you don't get anymore "standard" and "average" than a Smith & Wesson K-frame. It's pretty much what the general population thinks of when they imagine a revolver.

Charter Arms is to be introducing a 9mm revolver, but I'm not sure if they are available yet. No Charter, new or old, is as quality a revolver as a Smith & Wesson, but many of them have made folks happy in the past.

Ruger did offer a Blackhawk "convertible" revolver that ships with two different in .38/.357 and the other cylinder in 9mm. These are much more common than any other 9mm revolvers, and are easier to find. I'm not sure if they offer it today, but they may.
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