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Want an sp-101

I LOVE my sp101s. 2 and 3 inch. 2 inch for normal carry. 3 inch as backup carry if needed and woods gun. I got the 3 inch used for 450 and the 2 inch for 399. Both very recently. Just like the wheel guns!!!! I would trade if it were me, and both my sp101s seam seriously indetructable. I couldnt imagine me liking another firearm as much as i like them.

I will say i upgraded to night front sights. And 357 with the stock grips were bruital. For me, it was around the top of the grip, it bit my hand where the thumb curls around the very top of the grip. On the 3 inch i put rubber hogues on it and zero problem. I could shoot 200 .357 mags straight. Still not sure what i am going to do for the 2 incher to keep it very consealable. Keep it as is and limit 357 or get some small wood grips maybe.
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